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30 Jun Why We Think that Contingency Recruitment Should be Caged and Protected.

So… recruitment is getting a bashing on LinkedIn. Is it surprising? Is it unfair?

I don’t think so….  Do you?

Recruiters dislike following rules. Some want to make a quick buck and are under a great deal of pressure to hit their financial targets. LinkedIn is the perfect battle ground for the meaningless mass emails and impersonal spamming. Etiquette out of the window, right down the street and into the dirty river never to be seen again.

So is there a place any more for contingent recruitment? What is it all about?

I have been in the recruitment industry for around 20 years – I’ve managed agencies and worked for many years in-house. I’ve been on all 3 sides of the agency recruitment triangle at various stages of my career – candidate, client and agency and I have felt first-hand the impersonal and downright shabby agency experience as a candidate which was positively confidence crushing and quite frankly would never want to return there.

I am not surprised that agency recruitment has the reputation it does; I’ve had agency recruiters lie to me and as a client, have become increasingly frustrated; mostly wasting my time. But when you hit on that rare bird of an agency recruiter who will go out of their way to understand you and your environment, work with you as a partner when you don’t have the time to prioritise that vacancy and you really need to trust that someone will do your job, work with you, make you look brilliant and deliver exactly what you asked for or even better, consult you and tell you what you need; that’s gold that is. Pure brilliance.

This is where contingent recruitment needs to be crystallised, placed in a golden cage and protected forever. A rare species who understands their environment, builds rapport, cares about their candidate experience – YOUR candidate experience; cherishes your brand; protects your content, makes it come alive and advises on what you need with passion and expertise; understands what motivates people and what behaviours are and most importantly will give honest feedback to candidates and you alike.

Surely this side of recruitment is symphonic? How the contingent recruitment market has strayed so far away from this symphony is beyond me. The woodwind has become well and truly wildwind!  Perhaps it’s the lack of training or lack of value on what good recruitment is; a lack of value on what makes a business brilliant – its people.

How do you know through that dirty river of agencies who to use? Who are the champions of contingency recruitment?

It’s not easy to find those in golden cages. But you’ll have tons of peers in the industry right? Ask them; ask your LinkedIn groups; gain feedback; go with your gut. They are out there; and they may not be the obvious ones. Check their background and credentials; they’ll be on LinkedIn and you can get a feel for their experience and expertise.

Contingency recruitment is alive and kicking and will pay off when you find the right partner.


To summarise what a good agency will offer you:


Remember, it’s the agency taking on the risk and the unpaid resource. You have the flexibility to evolve and bounce off ideas; do what your recruitment strategy needs you to focus on.


The power here is very much in the hand of you, the employer. You have control and can work with a partner, set and agree the standards as you wish.

Simplicity and Time efficiency 

It’s the agency that does the hard work and the best ones will have the right technology, databases and search options to find the best candidates which will match the unique culture of your organisation, within agreed timescales leaving you time to focus on the important things.

You make the Final Decisions

This is where you can look brilliant. With the right people to interview and put forward to your hiring managers, all you do is make the final decisions and have the confidence to make a positive impact.



In conclusion, if you are a company looking for a minimal risk, flexible approach to finding the best employees and find yourself low on resource and time, then contingency recruitment cannot be ignored.  Select those that not only have the right tools and attitude, but ones who are willing to invest the time and effort into getting to know you as a company, your brand, attitude, values and culture.  Do this and you’ll find it hard to go wrong with this approach.


Of course we are now going to tell you that you’ll find all of that with The Talent Group. How could you not with the level of experience and expertise we have? If we’re not the right partner for you, we’ll know a handful of good guys out there who will be.

We are more than happy to adopt a contingency style of recruitment and we boast a very high success rate in doing so.  Please do get in touch with us by calling us on 01276 408616 or emailing us directly enquiries@thetalentgroup.co.uk.  We can also be found on Linked In, where we’ll keep you up to date with stuff happening in our industry.

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