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26 Apr What is recruitment process outsourcing and how could your organisation benefit?

By Louise Gallant


You’ve probably heard of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), but what does it actually mean?

For many organisations, RPO is a transactional solution – the opportunity to farm out a subsection of the work involved in recruitment. For example they might outsource CV checking or telephone screening when recruiting a large number of people for a new site and routinely contract out referencing or DBS checks.

recruitment process outsourcingIn our opinion it’s much more than that. At The Talent Group, although we do help clients handle high volume periods of recruitment, we encourage them to see us as a genuine extension of their own recruitment, HR and development functions.

Before starting on an RPO engagement, we’ll make an effort to understand your business objectives and values, so we can make sure we reflect these in the way we work on your behalf.

We will then be able to provide constructive advice on issues like the salaries and job titles likely to attract the right candidates. This knowledge will also enable us to help with the design and delivery of assessment centres, for example, onboarding of new recruits and even training of existing staff. Plus we’ll be able to keep you updated on market trends and technology and other innovations that will help you achieve your recruitment and development goals.


Protecting your brand and reputation

As well as protecting your brand in everything we do for you, we will prioritise the experience of each individual we liaise with on your behalf. In fact one of our RPO clients described us as “the protector of the candidate experience”.

You might assume that outsourcing aspects of recruitment would depersonalise the candidate experience, but that’s not necessarily the case. Dedicated experts will actually put more time and energy into engaging candidates than the internal recruitment team would be able to, and then apply a consistent approach.

We take responsibility for ensuring that everyone who goes through the recruitment process for our client’s organisations is treated as an individual and has a great experience, whatever the outcome of their application. This also encompasses driving diversity, ensuring that all applicants have a fair and equal opportunity. So you can be confident that candidates will go away with a brilliant impression of your company, which is crucial to protecting your employer brand and your consumer brand.


A strategic partnership

RPO can be a great asset when a company is going through a time of transition, making it possible to scale up its recruitment capacity quickly on demand. For example, within days you could have a whole bank of experienced telephone interviewers working as part of your company and embed themselves into your brand and culture. This just wouldn’t be feasible to handle internally and is beyond what a typical recruitment agency will do. This feature of RPO makes it ideal for industries like leisure, retail and hospitality, where there is huge seasonal variation in recruitment needs.

However for it to be truly effective there needs to be a strong, trusting partnership between the provider and the client organisation.

The provider needs to fully understand the business in terms of its values and culture so they can live and breathe it. Ideally there should be full transparency, enabling the two partners to collaborate seamlessly, with the RPO partner stepping in to offer whatever help is needed, even at short notice.

Through analysis of key data, RPO providers also help clients understand their organisations better, so they can devise a cohesive talent strategy together. For example, when we were helping a major retailer develop their graduate recruitment programmes, we first assessed the behaviours and traits of the best of their existing graduate recruits. This enabled us to develop relevant testing that would benchmark applicants against their top performers.

A successful RPO partnership will evolve with your business, supporting your recruitment and HR team in driving the business forward.

If you would like to discuss how our RPO services could help your organisation, please get in touch.

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